Top 10 Best Hvac Vaccum Pump of 2022 (Toxic-Free Pick)

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Are you trying to find the most reliable and efficient type of Hvac Vaccum Pump? If the answer to that question is yes, then congratulations! You’ve come to the right place. We have reviewed top list of Hvac Vaccum Pumps; we know what works and what doesn’t work, and we can help you make an informed decision. So if you are ready to get started, click on one of the links below so you can begin finding the perfect Hvac Vaccum Pump for your needs.

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Our Top Hvac Vaccum Pump of 2022

Bestseller No. 1
Bestseller No. 2
SPECSTAR 110V 9.6 CFM 1 HP Dual-Stage Rotary Vane HVAC Air Vacuum Pump for R12 R22 R134a R410a Systems with Oil Bottle
  • HIGH-QUALITY PUMP - Designed for air conditioning and refrigeration service, the SPECSTAR Air Vacuum Pump features high ultimate vacuum and high pumping speed by taking integral cylinder construction with high precision; With a 2-stage rotary vane design, the high-quality air vacuum pump can produce a deeper vacuum; 2 bottles of 330ml vacuum oil are included
  • STRONG PERFORMANCE - The dual-stage air vacuum pump delivers high speed and efficient performance; With 9.6 CFM free air displacement and factory rated to 35 microns, it ensures a faster evacuation and cleaner process that will meet your requirements; High-quality filter elements are used to effectively reduce oil mist and improve the filtration efficiency
  • DURABLE PUMP - Comes with a built-in 1 HP, 110V/60 Hz thermally protected motor, and finned aluminum housing, the vacuum pump can dissipate heat in a short time, extending its service life; The vacuum pump also has an inlet fitting designed for maximum airflow while preventing backflow of oil, ensuring its long-term durability
  • CONSIDERATE DESIGN - The air vacuum pump is equipped with a soft rubber lined handle so you can easily carry it to wherever you want without much labor; With the easy-to-read sight glass, you can detect the oil volume directly; Also, easy access to oil fill port and angled oil drain valve help to deliver a faster and complete draining
  • READY TO USE - The package includes 1/4 inch MFL & 3/8 inch ACME inlet fittings and 1/4 inch FFL x 1/2 inch Acme adapter, so you may not need to buy any other accessories; The pump is applicable for refrigeration maintenance to charge refrigerants of CFC, HCFH, and HFC such as R12/R22/R134a/R410a (R32 version can be used for R32 and 1234yf)
Bestseller No. 3
Elitech V700 Intelligent HVAC Vacuum Pump Automotive 7 CFM 2 Stage Touch Screen App
  • AUTO CONTROL: Intelligent control of the motor, the solenoid valve will open or close instantly according to the motor status
  • VACUUM GRAPH: View the vacuum change process in real-time; Analyze the leakage status and job completion time
  • APP SUPPORTED: Monitor data via APP by Bluetooth during the entire vacuum process, set the temperature alarm, vacuum target and log interval
  • EFFICIENT & RELIABLE: Constantly vacuum control, oil tank and motor temperature monitoring
  • EASY TO USE: 4" touch screen, remote control via App. Comes with 2 bottles of vacuum oil (300ml+450ml)
Bestseller No. 4
AUTOGEN 2-Stage Air Vacuum Pump 7CFM 0.3 Pa for HVAC/Auto AC Refrigerant Recharging, Degassing Wine, Milking Cow, Food Processing
  • 【Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump】AUTOGEN 2-stage 7CFM rotary vane vacuum pump is powered by a 3/4HP all copper motor to keep your HVAC servicing fast and easy. Its 7 cfm flow rate can draw your system down as low as 2.25 microns (0.3 Pa). Intake Ports: 1/4" SAE, 1/2" ACME, 3/8" SAE. Voltage/Frequency: 110/60HZ. Oil Capacity: 16.9oz.
  • 【High-Efficiency Heat Dissipation】Reinforced aluminum alloy casing, effective heat dissipation, resistance to chemical corrosion. Its innovative design can prevent oil backflow and separate exhaust gas from the oil mist filter device, reducing pollution and providing safer operation.
  • 【Convenient To Operate】Features a simple oil fill port for a clean pour, oil window provides vital information like oil level and oil quality. The design of a great starting moment is easy for starting and high efficiency, which can keep it working perfectly even is lower ambient temperature and lower volt. 1/4", 1/2" and 3/8" ports allow fast and easy servicing of automotive and other low-tonnage R12, R22, R134a, and R410a systems.
  • 【Wide Application】Air Vacuum Pump is applicable to vacuum packaging, vacuum freezing, automobile reparation, gas analysis, medicine mechanism, printing mechanism, and other vacuum evacuations. It is also able to quickly degas batches of resin, epoxy, oil, and other solvents when equipped with a vacuum chamber.
  • 【Guaranteed Satisfaction】Get right to work evacuating and recharging your HVAC systems with this air conditioner vacuum pump, reassured by its strong 1-year warranty and AUTOGEN friendly 24/7 customer service!
Bestseller No. 5
VIVOHOME 110V 1/2 HP 5 CFM Dual Stage Rotary Vane HVAC Air Vacuum Pump with Oil Bottle
  • HEAVY-DUTY VACUUM PUMP - Made of die-cast aluminum housing and a composite anti-slip rubber base, which is lightweight and durable; Perfect for those who are looking to self diagnose or recharging AC systems; It maintains air conditioning systems by efficient removing moisture before refilling the refrigerant
  • COMFORTABLE & PORTABLE DESIGN - Ergonomic grip handle is designed for superior comfort and portability; Built-in high volume cooling fan for extended use; The low noise design can effectively reduce the motor vibration and making the vacuum pump run quieter
  • CONVENIENT TO OPERATE - VIVOHOME air vacuum pump features a simple oil fill port for a clean pour, and the oil window provides you with vital information like oil level and oil quality; The oil drain valve at the bottom ensures faster and more thorough emptying; 1 bottle of 0.44qt./500ml vacuum oil is also included
  • WIDELY USED IN VARIOUS SYSTEMS - The intake filter can effectively prevent impurity from entering the pump cavity, and the trap can effectively separate the oil mist from the exhaust gas; Perfect for maintaining R134, R134A, R12, R22, R22A, R404A, R407C, R502 and R410A systems
  • PERFECT FOR DIFFERENT NEEDS - VIVOHOME vacuum pump is widely used for both commercial and household applications; Ideal for automotive air conditioning, HVAC work, refrigeration and other applications and industrial requirements that need high vacuum pull from a compact pump
Bestseller No. 6
Orion Motor Tech 4.5cfm Vacuum Pump, 1 Stage HVAC Vacuum Pump for R12 R22 R134a R410a Systems, Small 1/3hp 38 Micron Vacuum Pump for Air Conditioner Servicing Resin Degassing and More, Oil Included
  • PUMP IT OUT: This single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump from Orion Motor Tech is powered by a 1/3 hp all copper motor to keep your HVAC servicing fast and easy; its 4.5 cfm flow rate can draw your system down as low as 37.5 microns (5 Pa) and is also able to quickly degas batches of resin, epoxy, oil, and other solvents when equipped with a vacuum chamber
  • SAFE & DURABLE: The reinforced aluminum alloy casing effectively dissipates heat generated during operation and resists chemical corrosion for years of helpful use; its innovative design also prevents oil backflow and separates the exhaust from any oil vapor, limiting contamination and providing safer operation
  • USER FRIENDLY: The 7.6 fl. oz. reservoir includes a sight glass and scale for easy monitoring of the pump's oil level and quality; the light weight and sturdy handle keep everything easily portable for transport or storage between jobs; and 1/4" and 3/8" ports allow fast and easy servicing of automotive and other low-tonnage R12, R22, R134a, and R410a systems
  • HELPFUL ACCESSORIES: This vacuum pump kit comes with the necessary lubricating and absorptive oil provided, along with a funnel and one-size-fits-most gloves for quick and clean replacement when needed; an adapter also allows use with 1/2" hoses
  • GUARANTEED SATISFACTION: Get right to work evacuating and recharging your HVAC systems with this air conditioner vacuum pump, reassured by its strong 1 year warranty and Orion Motor Tech's usual friendly 24/7 customer service!
Bestseller No. 7
VEVOR Vacuum Pump 12CFM 1 HP Single Stage Air Conditioning Vacuum Pump 110V 5PA Ultimate Vacuum Refrigerant HVAC Air Tool Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump for Automobile Vacuum Evacuation (1-Stage, 12CFM)
  • Heavy Duty Vacuum Pump: FAD: 12 CFM, Single Stages; Power: 1 HP; Ultimate Vacuum: 5 Pa. Our HVAC vacuum pump comprises heavy-duty aluminum alloy with durability and sturdiness. The strong copper motor provides continuous power, and a shock-proof base supports the stable operation.
  • Backflow Prevention: The refrigerant vacuum pump avoids chamber contamination by preventing oil from flowing back, otherwise polluting its container and tubes. 1/4" oil fill port makes oil adding simpler since the port is accessible from the front or either side. Oil drain hole makes oil drain faster, and the gas exhaust port can efficiently avoid oil spout.
  • Easy Monitoring & Cooling: With an oil viewing window, this AC vacuum pump can easily monitor oil levels to avoid oil deficiency. Our vacuum pump tool can cool itself and prevent itself from burning out. The built-in thermal protection prevents the machine from burning and extend the machine's life.
  • Ergonomic Grip Handle: The ergonomic grip handle is designed for superior comfort and portability. With the convenient handle, you can easily carry the vacuum pump to its destination.
  • Wide Application: The vacuum pump is widely used for commercial and household applications, suitable for cleaning a household air conditioner, automobile maintenance, vacuum packaging, refrigerator vacuum, industry, etc.
Bestseller No. 8
Fieldpiece VP87 - Dual Stage, 8 CFM Vacuum Pump
  • Uses the revolutionary RunQuick Oil Management System and comes with two 8oz oils
Bestseller No. 9
JB Industries DV-6E Eliminator 6 CFM Vacuum Pump
  • Eliminator 6 CFM (170 l/m) - 1/2 HP, 1725 RPM capacitor start motor with thermal overload protection -1/4" x 3/8" intake port
  • 115 Volt 60 Hertz - Standard US 110 Volt plug - 25 ounce (739 cc) oil capacity
  • Large, easy-to-see sight glass ensures proper oil level - Oil fill is isolated on cover for easy fill
  • Increased spacing between intake tee and handle for more room - Larger 1/2" handle now more ergonomic
  • Tethered safety cap prevents oil spills during transport - Heavy-duty chrome plating. All metal construction including all brass fittings
Bestseller No. 10
Robinair (15500) VacuMaster Economy Vacuum Pump - 2-Stage, 5 CFM , Red
  • Robinair's VacuMaster Economy Vacuum Pump is designed for air conditioning and refrigeration service; featuring a 2-stage rotary vane design, 7.5 ounce oil capacity, and non-skid feet
  • 5 CFM free air displacement; factory rated to 35 microns
  • 1/3 HP, 115V/60 Hz thermally protected motor
  • Features an inlet fitting engineered for maximum airflow, while preventing oil backflow, and finned aluminum surfaces that dissipate heat faster, keeping the pump cooler and extending life
  • 1/4 inch MFL & 3/8 inch ACME inlet fittings, 3/8 inch FFL x 1/2 inch Acme adapter, easy to read sight glass, easy access oil fill port, and angled oil drain valve for faster, more complete draining

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Which Key factor have to consider before Buying Hvac Vaccum Pump

When You’re a first time user of the Hvac Vaccum Pump, you may not know just what to expect from one. You may also be unsure of certain features of the hygrothermometer that you had been thinking about. But our team is here to assist you in that regard! Here are some recommendations that can help you along the way:

Brand Value

Brand loyalty among Hvac Vaccum Pump is quite strong. Thus, consumers often choose the brand that they feel is most familiar with. Without reliable brands, the masses would not buy Hvac Vaccum Pump from popular brands. Each brand may offer various features. You should select a hygrometer that offers the features you find most useful. Different brands have distinct appearances. This can also cause people to purchase different types of Hvac Vaccum Pump.


Before purchasing a new item, it is important to know how it functions. With regards to Hvac Vaccum Pump, it is essential to determine if the piece works in your home setting. For example, is it possible to use the space efficiently? Is it easy to move around? Can it be put together easily? And most importantly, will it remain stable? These questions will help you decide whether the buy is worth it or not.


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Customer Experiene

If you are an inexperienced user, take into consideration what others who are skilled in the area have said. Their experience can provide you with valuable insights that may not be readily available elsewhere. The opinions of those who have used the Hvac Vaccum Pump before can also be invaluable in helping you make your own decisions. You can read reviews written by experts and get ideas on how to make improvements to the device. For example, if you are thinking of buying a new caliber Hvac Vaccum Pump, you should consider reading reviews from previous customers. These will tell you exactly how happy they were with the appliance, and whether they think it was worth the money they spent on it. Remember, the caliber iv hygrometry industry is competitive, so you must use your best judgment when choosing what products to buy.

Final Words

Now you know what you should do before buying any Hvac Vaccum Pump. And hopefully, your buying decision will be easier because of everything you learned. Good luck!

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