10 Best Cordovan Shoe Polish in 2022: Latest Model

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Quick Comparison: Best Cordovan Shoe Polish

Our 10 Best Cordovan Shoe Polish in 2022

SaleBestseller No. 1
Kiwi Cordovan Shoe Polish, 1-1/8 oz
  • KIWI Shoe Polish helps provide your leather shoes with shine, nourishment, protection and increased water resistance.
  • For a long-lasting, high gloss shine and protection
  • Superior stain and scuff coverage
  • For leather boots and shoes, not intended for use on patent leather, suede, or nubuck
Bestseller No. 2
Moneysworth & Best Shoe Cream, Cordovan
  • Our shoe creams combine the right amount of natural oils, waxes, lanolin and pigments tor restore moisture to leather
  • Ideal for use on men's and ladies soft leather footwear
  • Provides a soft and natural shine
  • Country Of Origin : Canada
SaleBestseller No. 3
Angelus Instant Shine Liquid Shoe Polish Cordovan 3oz
  • PREMIUM LIQUID SHOE POLISH - Ensure your boots & shoes are fresh, clean and ready for every new day with Angelus Instant Shine Shoe Polish. Our Liquid Shoe polish is perfect for all types of shoes and boots including dress shoes, sneakers, shoes, boots, & More. Also works on bags!
  • BREATHE LIFE INTO YOUR SHOES - Matching outfits is effortless when your style stays clean, cool, and collected. Angelus Instant Shine Liquid Shoe Polish gives your fading footwear a second chance at life. Made right here in the USA since 1907.
  • FASTER, EASIER, LESS WORK - Our effortless liquid formula is so much easier and quicker to use than traditional shoe polish. No buffing time or grunt work needed. Great for touching up while on the go!
  • Quick Dry & Shine: Shoe shine liquid maintains a non-toxic formula that nourishes, shines and maintains the natural flexibility of smooth and synthetic leather while protecting and sealing shine to leather shoes, bags, and wallets, etc.
  • MADE IN USA: We have been proudly servicing and manufacturing the shoe & leather care industry in America for over 100 years. Our highest quality products, and customer service is what keeps us going. We aren't happy until you are.
SaleBestseller No. 4
Angelus Leather Dye- Flexible Leather Dye for Shoes, Boots, Bags, Crafts, Furniture, & More-Cordovan- 3oz
  • PERMANENT: Angelus Leather Dye is a permanent dye that is alcohol based and not water based. It is the most pigmented dye on the market today. If needed, it can also be diluted. Our dye penetrates deep into the leather for a permanent rich color
  • DURABLE: Our Leather dressing will not crack, peel, or chip. These are easy to use, and no worries about it flaking or chipping off. It can take wear.
  • VERSATILE: Angelus Leather Dyes are easily applied using many different methods, Apply dyes using a dye pen, paint brush, airbrush, sponge, rag, or a wool dauber applicator(included in package)
  • MANY APPLICATIONS: Angelus Dye can be used for many different things including all smooth leather goods, bags, shoes, furniture, chairs, boots, woodworking, & Saddlery.
  • MADE IN USA: Angelus Leather dye has been proudly made in America for over 100 years. With over 39 colors to choose from, you can be sure to pick your exact match. If you are changing colors, we always suggest looking into preparer and deglazer to take the top finish off for better results
Bestseller No. 5
Dyanshine Paste Wax Shoe Polish for Leather Shoes, Boots, Bags, & More - High Gloss Shine - Original Since 1907-1.18oz (Cordovan)
  • ORIGINAL SHOE POLISH SINCE 1907- This shoe polish is not your average polish. It has been made with excellent craftsmanship to provide ultimate leather protection against scuffs, scratches, and minor imperfections. Made with a premium blend of ingredients, shoe & boot polish effectively renews your worn leather whole, providing a layer of protection.
  • WHAT ITS MADE OF: Dyanshine Paste Wax is a hard wax stain formula, a time-tested blend of waxes and conditioners, preserves and nourishes leather. Keeps leather soft and pliable and water resistant. Dyanshine Paste Wax offers more shine per can since it is a firmer wax. This has a great “slip” to it. Its not dry like others.
  • HIGH GLOSS SHINE: Our Bartons Dyanshine has been carefully crafted and designed to ensure practicality, function, and durability. The shoe polish paste is easy to use and can be applied within seconds to achieve a new-like finish to your favorite leather footwear. It can be buffed into a high shine.
  • RICH COLOR: Our Bartons Dyanshine Polish Is rich in color with a high shine. Goes on beautifully and spreads excellent. We have plenty of quality colors for you to choose for any pair of shoes needed to get that shine back.
  • MADE IN USA: Bartons Dyanshine has proudly used the same ingredients for over a decade. No shortcuts have been taken which is why our polish is top of the line since 1907.
SaleBestseller No. 6
Meltonian Cream | Cordovan | High Quality Shoe Polish for Leather | Boot, Purse, Furniture Wax | Leather Conditioner | 1.7 OZ Jar
  • Trusted For Over 130 Years - This old-school Cream Polish has been crafted with over a century of knowledge to produce the highest quality standard shoe polish. It's formulated to facilitate smooth application while restoring color of your leather surfaces, bringing back its luster and shine just like that of a new surface. Specifically formulated to soften and make leather supple again while maintaining the desired color intensity.
  • Restore Your Leather - For an effective way to restore and preserve the color of leather goods, Meltonian shoe cream offers a robust solution. Featuring a high concentration of pigment, this special formulation is designed specifically to return faded colors back to their original richness. Applying a coat with a cloth, brush or applicator should be enough to quickly see significant revitalization of your leather goods!
  • Many Colors to Choose From - Unlike other Shoe Polishes on the Market. Meltoinan comes in over 60 colors to choose from. Black, Neutral, multiple shades of Brown and Tan. Blue, Cordovan, Green, Yellow and even Purple. You can even mix colors to achieve an exact match. Check out all of colors. Some people have even used it as paint for other projects. Make you're leather goods look new, clean and vibrant with Meltonian Cream Shoe Polish.
  • Easy to Use - Meltonian cream polish is a must for easy application! Its thick viscosity spreads effortlessly, offering complete coverage. The convenient cream base absorbs evenly with no affecting the leather's breath-ability. There's no need to reduce breathable capacity of your leather just to gain a stunning shine. After you're done applying it, they repel water while preserving its high level of lusciousness even in wet organic environments.
  • Best Price and Value - Cobblers all around the world have trusted Meltonian for over 125 years. With its low price, Meltonian Shoe Cream offers a quality you won't be able to find with any other brand. You can trust Meltonian in yielding beautiful results and impressive longevity- all at a friendly price point. Treat your shoes to the top standard care they deserve with a cream that ensures only the best. Let Meltonian Shoe Cream add new life to your look.
SaleBestseller No. 7
Angelus Shoe Wax Polish 3oz (Cordovan)
  • MADE IN USA SINCE 1907: Angelus still uses the original formula created in 1907 by our founders. Angelus Wax comes in a convenient 3 oz snap open can. A blend of pure carnauba wax, beeswax, and the finest grade of other waxes and oils.
  • DOES MORE THAN JUST POLISH: Our Angelus Wax Polish cleans, preserves, water-proofs, and restores a richer color to faded footwear and leather gear. Carnauba wax, a well-established product for the auto and furniture polish industry, has been recognized for years as an excellent preserver for leather.
  • RICH COLOR & HIGH SHINE: Our Angelus Polish Is rich in color with a high shine. Goes on beautifully and spreads excellent. We have plenty of quality colors for you to choose for any pair of shoes needed to get that shine back.
  • EASY MESS-FREE APPLICATION - Angelus shoe shine cream will make your old shoes and boots look like new again. It's easier to apply than a paste and much less messy than liquid polishes. You'll instantly notice significant improvement after just ONE application!
  • INSTANT LONG-LASTING RESULTS - You only need a small amount to bring back your shoes' original color and hide surface scuffs on the leather. Our boot polish fills unsightly crack lines and restores damage from wintry conditions like wet, snow, salt and mud.
Bestseller No. 8
Lincoln Stain Wax Shoe Polish 3 Fl Oz (Marine Cordovan)
  • Military Spit Shine
  • Water Resistant
  • Cleans, Polishes and Colors
Bestseller No. 9
SAPHIR Medaille d’Or Cordovan Cream-Natural Wax Polish for Leather Shoes & Boots - Neutral
  • CORDOVAN LEATHER: This wax shoe polish is made specifically for high-end cordovan leather with fine ingredients. Shell cordovan is obtained from horses and requires a unique polish to care for your leather goods.
  • ALL NATURAL: Saphir Medaille d’Or cream polish is an all-natural cream based with beeswax and neatsfoot oil. It has twice the amount of pigment of ordinary polishes & does not contain turpentine.
  • EASY-TO-USE: Make sure your shoe is dusted and clean before applying product. Gently massage the cream into the leather using a chamois cloth and allow 5 minutes to dry, then buff off the polish with a horsehair brush.
  • HIGH QUALITY: This product polishes and shines cordovan leather shoes, boots or accessories with 5 different colors available. Imported from France, Saphir’s suede eraser keeps shoes, apparel & accessories in their best condition.
  • SAPHIR MEDAILLE D’OR: Saphir was awarded the Medaille d’Or (gold medal) in Paris in 1925 for its unmatched quality of luxury leather care products. Their products are crafted with natural and efficient materials.
Bestseller No. 10
Kiwi Paste Shoe Polish cordovan
  • Brought to you by Kiwi
  • High Quality
  • 1.66OZ unit size of measure
  • Total of 4 units
  • Buy in bulk and save!

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