Detoxification Using Yogi’s Tea

To make our health system stable and strong, detoxification has to be performed at least twice a year. It completely flushes out the entire toxins in our body thus by making our immune system health and steady. As there are so many methods available for detoxification of the body, the natural way of detoxification proves to be effective in removing the toxins. Water can be used as a detox agent as well. Another option is using a tea as a detox agent. And Yogi’s tea is one of the best Kefir Grains.

Yogi formulated the green tea, which could be used as a detox agent. It is a combination of kombucha with organic green tea, for the purification of our immune system. The main ingredients in this special tea are; spearmint, lemon grass and plum. It cleanses the immune system of our body and keeps them healthy, it fights fatigue too. It helps to develop the antioxidants in our body which act as a cleansing agent. Green tea super antioxidant is another type of Yogi’s green tea, purposely employed for building up the antioxidants in our body to fight against the fatigue and toxins.

Another special type of Yogi tea is Yogi detox tea; its main purpose is to eliminate the entire impurities from our body.

It consists of cleansing herbs like organic dandelion and burdock which are essential for the liver. It contains juniper berries which help to keep the kidneys performing well. Final ingredient is the trikatu which is combination of ginger and pepper, which helps in increasing the blood flow. As whole this tea can produce a perfect balance of nutrients to our body.

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