Alternative Cancer Therapies That Can Kill Cancer Cells Naturally

In the past, the only treatments for cancer patients are the artificial kinds or the so called hospital treatments. Nowadays, there are alternative cancer therapies, or those treatments that actually kill cancer cells naturally. Changes in your lifestyle, revising your diet, and so on, are examples of alternative ways to win against cancer. If you have cancerous cells, this article is a must read find mushroom pills.

Cancer Fighting Herbs

Herbs are part of the list of natural cures for people suffering from cancer. There are also herbs that can actually thwart the growth of cancerous cells. Green tea, or Camellia Sinensis, is a herb that you can either use for cancer prevention, or you can utilize as one of your treatments for the above mentioned disease. Whether you have been diagnosed with lung, colon, breast cancer, and so on, drinking green tea on a daily basis is included in alternative cancer therapies that help kill cancer cells naturally. Green tea contains Bioflavonoids, or anti oxidants that fight those pesky life threatening cells.

Mint or ‘Mentha’ is also recommended. It can help you win against cancer because it has phytochemicals that work to prevent the supplying of blood to tumors that are cancerous. When the supply of blood is reduced or cut off, the cancerous cells or the carcinogens will be killed. Adding some mint to most of the dishes you cook, therefore, or even adding mint to your coffee or any other drink is found in the list of alternative cancer therapies that you should incorporate in your daily life.

Foods That Kill Cancer Cells Naturally

There are also foods you must eat more of and in a regular manner if you have cancerous cells. These foods are usually the ones that can make your immune system stronger, and contain nutrients and components that can combat those cells. Some may even make the tumors or the growths smaller. Examples of foods you can use to win against cancer include: avocados as they are rich in anti oxidants; red grapes as they also have antioxidants and contain Resveratrol, also effective in preventing cancerous cell growth; mushrooms because they have polysaccharides that strengthen immunity plus Lectin that stops the cells from multiplying; among others.

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